It is possible to move in March!

March 13, 2017
Traffic in the City

March is a busy month. We have to once again fall into our routines and get back on track for the year, and if, on top of this we add a move, what happens? A complete breakdown, unless we have the help of an expert.

In Chile, the year begins in March. January and February are a truce to recharge batteries to be able to receive, in the best possible way, the fearsome March, which, even though we don’t want it to, arrives all the same, and with it all of the stress.

Vacation is over and we must restart our routines. We return to Santiago and are once again hit with the chaos of the capital; cars filling the streets and that is when we realize that the year has truly begun. The school year starts, we return to work and have to get caught up on all of the work that we had left pending, we must pay for school, license plates, the mandatory insurance, property taxes, buy school supplies and uniforms, and stand in a long line to get the technical revision for the car which is now overdue.

And this is nothing! If we have a child who we must find a school for, as in this case, along with everything else, we must begin to take on the famous school tour, and stop in at all of the schools which could be of interest to later begin with the documents and medical certificates and all types of talks and meetings. And if that were not enough, to bribe the child to be placed in school so that when they are to take the exam, they go into the room without troubles, don’t cry, and be willing to answer all types of questions.

In the middle of this school race, if there are other children in the house, there are uniforms to be bought along with a long list of school supplies, all to be marked and taken to the school. Parents meetings to be attended, talks with the director, counselor, psychologist, and teachers. Coordinate schedules, extracurricular activities, school transportation, birthdays, the return to homework and getting up early.

…and at work… March arrives at work too; getting caught up, finishing the tasks that we had left pending, fix everything that happened while we were out, the beginning of the projects, new contracts and hiring, goals are set to be reached in this new year.

Moving in March?
Various studies rate moving as the third highest cause of stress for people, after deaths in the family and being fired from a job. Thus, because of the time that must be dedicated to the task; finding a truck, packing everything, taking care of the fragile items, putting away clothes which are not normally worn daily, leave dishes to use for the last days in the home that is being left behind, making and marking the boxes to know where each thing goes, and all of this in the middle of a routine which was busy enough already. In addition to this, what of the random invitation to the wedding of a cousin which was thought to be happening at a later date?
Cajas para guardar las cosas de una casaThe odyssey begins with looking through boxes to track down the party shoes, which might be in any one of the boxes, and finding a wrinkled dress in a suitcase with the shoes that do not even match. And upon finding this, wondering to oneself, why didn’t I write all of the contents on each of the boxes? And then remembering that there was no time, because of the need to take a child to the doctor to ask for a certificate of illness to take to their school, take the car in to get the third brake light fixed as it failed the technical revision, spend all morning in line to get the safe-conduct, begin training the new employee that joined your team, return to the notary as you forgot to take all of the papers to receive the safe-conduct, buy the school uniform and get it resized as the size that you needed was out, buy the school supplies and mark each and every pencil, hire the moving van, go to the parent’s meetings, and try to look more dignified by getting a haircut for the company’s dinner for the beginning of the year.

Clothing TransferAt that moment, you realize that you really could have used a little bit of help, and what better than that of an expert in the field who comes to pack everything in specialty boxes, each marked, separating the fragile from the heavy items, the clothes placed in truly mobile closets and the shoes… are precisely organized and each marked! And all you must do is call, or even better, get a quote through the Internet, and let yourself be guided by the hands that know, while you continue with your routine.