How to plan a successful move to another country

July 28, 2017

A move can be very stressful. And adding to that a change in countries, may cause a breakdown! However, if everything is done in a certain order, things may turn out much better. Here we teach you how to plan a successful move to another country!

You have just been notified that you are being transferred to another country. The first thing to cross your mind is that you have an endless number of things to do: you must pack, get boxes, get documents, find a place to live, figure out school for the children, decide what to do with the car, what about the things that you cannot take, find out if it is necessary to get any special insurance, decide how to take things, on boat or plane, what about the banks?

A move can be very stressful. Plan everything ahead of time and let the experts help you.

Thousands of things cross your mind and you have no idea how you are going to make it happen, or if you will even be able to, and then you really begin to panic and feel like screaming!

Then, you take a deep breath, and when you have your wits about you once again, you think that it might be good to have help from someone. You think about that one friend, the proactive one. Maybe with her help you can make it. You cheer up and are enthused, which lasts until the “jerk” tells you that she is up to her ears in work and need a vacation, so she is going on a second honeymoon with her spouse, to visit jealousy-inducing places for who knows how long. Then, you think of your parents, until you remember that you will be leaving the children with them so you can do your thousands of errands, and you aren´t even sure which errands they are yet, but that you know that you will have to do eventually, while you find boxes and buy packing paper. Then you try to think of a family member, but truly do not know who would be the perfect person for this monumental mission. You don´t know how you are going to do it. The only thing that you are clear on is the exact date in which your new boss expects to see you sitting at your shiny desk with one of those amazing smiles.

And finally someone gets a bright idea and gives you excellent advice: “Don´t worry about it! There are companies who specialize in helping organize this chaos. Not only do they do the moving, they also pack and organize everything. Relax, contact them with anticipation, and you´re done!”
And then you can take a deep breath and be calm again.


Some useful tips to prevent nervous breakdowns while trying to plan a successful move to another country

It´s true, remaining calm is paramount, and with some tips you can plan a successful move to another country.

  1. Before you start packing, you must make sure that you have your documentation up to date; passport, visa, family book, medical certificates, travel documents, etc. Also, you must find information about types of medical insurance and immunization requirements in the destination country. These processes may take time and should therefore be done beforehand, and were the advice of a specialist necessary, we recommend contacting an executive of LARM. They are a relocation company which can help with all types of paperwork.
  2. Where will I be staying when I arrive in the new country? It is important to see where you can stay while your belongings arrive. Make reservations beforehand to assure that you find a hotel that is comfortable to you, as you may be there several days.
  3. Contact Ward Van Lines so that a supervisor may come to your home and estimate the m3 that you wish to pack and thereby be able to give you a quote.
  4. What am I going to take? Everything or just some things? Will I only take the bare necessities and buy new furniture there, or should I take part, or all of it? Begin to set aside everything that you are not going to take, decide what you are going to give away, and what you are going to sell. You can have a yard sale. A relevant tip is that each country has different regulations and laws, therefore it is very important to educate yourself about what things may be taken into the country and which cannot.
  5. If you have a pet, decide if it will be going with you or will be staying with someone else. The airlines, as well as the destination country, have certain regulations which must be met for your pet to be able to travel. It is important that these be reviewed ahead of time, as vaccines or other types of paperwork may be required. Remember to mention that you need pet relocation services to the agent from Ward Van Lines.
  6. The same goes for your car. Find out if you will be able to take it, or if you are going to lend it to someone in your absence, or even sell it. There are countries which only allow brand new cars to enter, with zero miles, therefore it is key to find out what the regulations are in the destination country. It is also necessary to find out what you must do to get a driver´s license there.
  7. Close bank accounts and credit cards. Tell service companies, such as electric, water, telephone, and internet that you will be moving. Cancel all subscriptions to newspapers and magazines so that they do not continue arriving in your absence, and so you are no longer charged.
  8. Find out what kind of electrical plug the destination country uses. If it is different, it may be more convenient to buy all your electric items there. Also, there are universal adapters which you can take for the first few days.
  9. Separate the clothes, toiletries, and those articles which will travel in your suitcase with you, such as tablets, laptops, jewelry, and other valuable items. Check to see how many kilos the airline allows you to take, so that you are not surprised later.
  10. Lastly, separate your carryon bag. Take medications with you in the instance that you were to get a headache, heartburn, or other minor issue.

Here you will find a downloadable checklist of your moving tasks, to help you remember them all and get organized in good time.
A move may be stressful, but you will also be starting a new adventure, cheer up!